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Coffee Tables WFF Sofa Table TV Writing Laptop Desk Max 84% OFF Reading Tray Recommended

Coffee Tables WFF Sofa Table TV Tray Laptop Desk Writing Reading


Coffee Tables WFF Sofa Table TV Tray Laptop Desk Writing Reading

Product description

Product description:

Whether you want to sit or lean back, the sofa table is very comfortable. The characteristic leg Z-shaped design provides a more practical space when placing the sofa table.

The special and beautiful walnut color matches many home décor.

The coffee table with its elegant and simple lines makes it easy to coordinate with a variety of home styles.

Luxurious or elegant, this side table won't let you down.

Work or study in your bedroom/living room, no matter where you want to spend your time, it will move easily.

Regular use of bamboo furniture will be more shiny/more attractive.

Easy to install
A detailed illustration and numbering section is included; all accessories and tools required for assembly are included for worry-free assembly. We can also help you gradually combine videos and some images.

Equipped with high quality screws for worry-free installation.


When assembling, follow the instructions.

Package Included:

Coffee table* 1

Coffee Tables WFF Sofa Table TV Tray Laptop Desk Writing Reading

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