$32 300ml Home-Made Water and Salt One-Touch Detergent Generator Mac Health Household Household Supplies Mac,/insensible2291421.html,Water,Detergent,One-Touch,Generator,$32,Home-Made,Salt,parmanssolutions.com,Health Household , Household Supplies,300ml,and 300ml Home-Made Water and Salt Detergent Generator Sale special price Mac One-Touch 300ml Home-Made Water and Salt Detergent Generator Sale special price Mac One-Touch $32 300ml Home-Made Water and Salt One-Touch Detergent Generator Mac Health Household Household Supplies Mac,/insensible2291421.html,Water,Detergent,One-Touch,Generator,$32,Home-Made,Salt,parmanssolutions.com,Health Household , Household Supplies,300ml,and

300ml Home-Made Water and Salt Detergent Generator Sale special price 2021 spring and summer new Mac One-Touch

300ml Home-Made Water and Salt One-Touch Detergent Generator Mac


300ml Home-Made Water and Salt One-Touch Detergent Generator Mac

Product description

Production time: 6 minutes
Material: ABS+PC+PP
Capacity: 300ml
Size: 67*85*285mm
This product can make 3 kinds of clean water; low concentration, standard concentration, high concentration
Low concentration-scope of application:
300ml water + 12g salt for 8 minutes electrolysis, can be used for wound cleaning, air cleaning, women's private care, mosquito bite disinfection, hand cleaning
Standard concentration-scope of application:
300ml water + 12g salt, electrolysis for 12 minutes,

300ml Home-Made Water and Salt One-Touch Detergent Generator Mac

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