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YNITJH Traffic Mirror - Now on sale Convex Field of Louisville-Jefferson County Mall View 130° Curve

YNITJH Traffic Mirror - Convex Mirror 130° Field of View - Curve


YNITJH Traffic Mirror - Convex Mirror 130° Field of View - Curve

Product description


Convex safety signal mirror. Curved or parabolic mirrors, designed for installation indoors or outdoors. Ideal for space control, security, blind spot monitoring, etc. It can also be used on public roads, streets with poor visibility, intersections, garage exits, parking lots, and places where visibility needs to be improved.

○Features ○
* 100% new high-quality wide-angle traffic rearview mirrors ensure maximum safety of roads or lanes.
* Convex mirror is used to broaden the field of view and eliminate some blind spots. Significantly reduce personal injury, cargo damage or other accidents.
* Made of high-quality plastic and fine processing, it is durable, weather-resistant, and can be used for a long time.
* Easy to install and use, equipped with fixed brackets and screws.
* 130-degree wide-angle safety traffic rearview mirror is suitable for communities, warehouses, hospitals, factories, parking lots and high-risk collision situations.

○ Details ○
Name: Safety mirror Curved mirror
Material: PC and ABS
Weight: about 1.1 kg
Color: orange
Size diameter: 60cm/75cm/80cm,23.6 in/29.5 in/31.4 in
Applicable scenarios: suitable for intersections, office buildings, shopping malls, communities, parking lots

○ Precautions ○
* The product is shipped with a protective film.
* Please remove the protective film before use.
* Depending on the imported product, it may become dirty.
* Due to environmental reasons such as the display screen, the color of the actual product may differ from the photo.

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YNITJH Traffic Mirror - Convex Mirror 130° Field of View - Curve

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