$79 Performance Metals Trim Tab Flat Recessed (76214 4), (Pack of 5) Tools Home Improvement Electrical Performance Metals Trim Tab Flat Recessed Pack outlet 76214 4 5 of /croche2361932.html,Trim,parmanssolutions.com,Recessed,Performance,Metals,of,Tools Home Improvement , Electrical,$79,Tab,(Pack,(76214,Flat,5),4), /croche2361932.html,Trim,parmanssolutions.com,Recessed,Performance,Metals,of,Tools Home Improvement , Electrical,$79,Tab,(Pack,(76214,Flat,5),4), Performance Metals Trim Tab Flat Recessed Pack outlet 76214 4 5 of $79 Performance Metals Trim Tab Flat Recessed (76214 4), (Pack of 5) Tools Home Improvement Electrical

Performance Metals Trim Tab Flat Now free shipping Recessed Pack outlet 76214 4 5 of

Performance Metals Trim Tab Flat Recessed (76214 4), (Pack of 5)


Performance Metals Trim Tab Flat Recessed (76214 4), (Pack of 5)

Product description

Performance Metals Trim Tab Flat Recessed (76214 4)

  • Trim Tab Anode (Flat Recessed) for Mercury sterndrive and outboards. OEM part number: 76214 4. Made from Mil spec. zinc anode alloy MIL-A-18001) which is suitable for use in salt water only.
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    • BRAND: Performance Metals
    • WEIGHT LBS: 0.6
    • WIDTH INCHES: 5-1/2
    • FOR USE WITH: Mercury Replacement Part
    • DEPTH INCHES: 2-3/4
    • CONSTRUCTION: Zinc Alloy
    • TYPE: Sacrificial Anode

    Performance Metals Trim Tab Flat Recessed (76214 4), (Pack of 5)

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